Junk miles are most often defined by coaches and dedicated endurance athletes as miles logged at a comfortably hard pace that do little to increase speed or fitness.

I define junk miles as miles covered while riding my bike, hiking, running, walking, or just goofing off with the goal of having fun in the outdoors while documenting the world I live in with my camera. Doing so with little regard for heart rates, miles covered, PRs, or Strava segments.

Most of my junk miles are logged in the saddle of my bike as I pedal through the central Michigan countryside, however, I refuse to limit my exploration and photography to cycling alone. There is a world out there to be seen, and in recent years I’ve learned that I enjoy it most through the lens of my camera. I enjoy capturing the world I ride, walk, and hike through, and the people I do it with, as well as a shooting a variety of other sports as a supportive spectator who just happens to have a camera in hand.

Welcome to the world of Junk Miles.

Jason Mahokey,
Junk Miles Media

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