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Finding It

It’s pissed down rain for 24+ hours here in central Michigan; rivers are rising, locusts are descending, etc., etc. Because of that I found myself in the basement doing stuff rather than out on the dirt roads with my bike and camera. Despite looking out at the cold rain most of the day I found a couple worthwhile shots to satisfy my itchy shutter finger.

Looking forward to dryer, but cooler, days ahead.

A Black & White Fave

I don’t take, er process, a lot of my photos in black and white, but every so often I take a pic that just looks better to me in black and white. This is one of those pics, taken while out riding on Rosebush Road north of town last weekend.

Burn Out II


Custom paint on a John Deere tractor is pretty cool. Custom paint on a John Deere tractor with a deer head “hood ornament” is even cooler. I can’t help but wonder what Burn Out I looked like.

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