Into The Wet Woods


When I woke up on a Wednesday morning in early October I assumed that I would try to do the same thing as I did the day before: ride dirt roads, take pictures, burn off some of my beer gut. Sadly, the dark clouds and drizzle made it hard for me to get mentally up for a ride but for some reason I was drawn to the idea of stomping around in the woods at Deerfield Park just outside of Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

I’m by no means certain, but I would have to guess that 90% of the hikes I’ve done in the past 5 years or more have been done in the rain or winter slop. Thankfully there is no sign of winter slop yet, but the woods do seem keen on going into full on Fall mode any day now.

There were plenty of leaves, pine needles and acorns littering the trails and grassy paths of Deerfield Park, but there was still a lot of green around and critters afoot.

The toads and wood frogs, in particular, were active today, as I walked down Wildwood Pathway it was as if the forest floor was alive and moving under my feet. The tiny wood frogs leaping about caused the fallen leaves and pine needles to undulate and ripple under my steps; it was like a Fear and Loathing acid trip on a woodsy tip… without the acid of course.

When I hike in the woods with my camera, I tend to focus on the little things I see along the way, saving landscape photos for legit landscape photogs. I’m more of a frog on my wrist, look at this acorn hat, type of photographer.

Hiking in the woods isn’t usually my first choice of outdoor activities but on days when the dirt roads are too muddy to ride without ruining expensive drivetrains it most certainly is.


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