Junk Miles Fall 2017

Over the past couple months, I’ve waffled back and forth on what exactly Junk Miles¬†is: Is it a website? Is it a blog? Is it a magazine? Is it a series of photo books, or just a place beyond Instagram for me to share the photos I take? The answer is there is no answer, and there doesn’t have to be. It is what it is and what feels right in the moment. What it was a month ago isn’t what it is now, and what it is now probably won’t be what it is two months from now, and I think that’s beautiful.

What Junk Miles is right now is a semi-bi-monthly-seasonal digital digest of the photos I’ve taken. Most were taken traversing the dirt and gravel roads of central Michigan, other were taken on hikes in nearby woods or skulking around my backyard on a rainy afternoons over the past two months.

Thanks for looking,
Jason Mahokey


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